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Araba Shrine Appointed Divan 2017

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"Unity With A Purpose "




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May 07, 2017 11:20 AM


Mike Peak
1st Ceremonial Master
Andre Leroy
2nd Ceremonial Master
Fred Pettersen
Ben Flynn Jr. 33rd
Captain of the Guard
Russ Holck
Outer Guard
Bob Holck
Appointed Officers
Chuck Propp
Hospital Chairman
Ken Weiss
Jewelry Chairman
Steve Hadley
Webmaster & Public Relations
Jim Spieth 
Rev Dewey Gierke
Circus Chairman
Ill. Sir Owen Stiles
Circus Daddy
Lawrence Tomlinson Sr
Honorary Registered Nurse
Lady Pat Epifanio, R.N.
Medical Director
Joe Ravid, MD.
Colonel of Units
Gil Drake
Coordinator of Clubs
Jon Lynch
Leadership Search Committee
Ken Wellborn, Tom Hale
Ritual Director & Sound Chairman
Al Little
Sunshine Committee Chairman
Don Brown
Tickets Chairman
Ren Cushing
Temple Attorney
Scott Kuhn
Personal Aids

Rusty Ost                          

     Walter Gorman

Chief Aid
Gabe Sedloff
Assistant Chief Aid
Tom Hale
Senior Aids
Charles Hooper  Bob Owens
Mike Hogan Andrew Somerville Butch Cox Tim Roberts Paul Lester
Executive Aids
Marlin Whitney Larry Wells John Canty David Townsend
Heinz Remus Don Parmelee David Horton Carl Johnson
Bill Irvine Norman Kautsky Norm Hall Kurt Gutting
Richard Dowling Ren Cushing Rees Bryn Tom O'Shea
Jurisprudence Committee
Butch Cox Dick Dowling Ill Sir Ed Cotton